It's not easy to label The Blue Wave Ramblers. Sure, you can fallback on all the stock phrases: Bluegrass, Newgrass, even Jam Band...but you're always missing the mark. What stands out here is musical virtuosity partnered with a freewheeling spirit. You think you've heard it all before? You haven't heard The Blue Wave Ramblers.” - Sean Timmons - Producer / Host CRAIC Radio Show
The Blue Wave Ramblers are one of my favorite bands. I am one of the few that have seen them since day one, done sound for them on several occasions, seen the band members change several times both in and out of their control, and through all the trials and tribulations they found “the sound” that is truly their own. I describe their music as “Traditional Rock Grass.” They have most of the instrumentation of a traditional bluegrass band, mandolin, fiddle, doghouse bass, and acoustic guitar. They approach songs in the traditional bluegrass way, but lay it all down with the drive and intensity of a rock band. They will take a rock song and add a bluegrass swing to it while at the same time remain true to the rock and roll of it and vice versa. They will also bust out a traditional Bill Monroe classic and play it in the traditional style that even Bill himself would approve of. After that they might take the next song out into a new direction by laying an original instrumental on the crowd about grease in outer space. Promptly followed by a new jumping original about a beautiful woman from Bucks County. All this delivered with a smile and a very high dose of intensity, drive, fun, sheer talent, and love. These guys are masters of their instruments, and when you go see them there is something for everyone musically. ” - Fred Moore - Moore Sound / Spitune